I think I’ve told you about the 10% protein diet I went on a couple of years ago that dramatically thinned my hair. It wasn’t an intentional thing, I just wasn’t big on meat or fish and preferred my veggies, but as hair is made up of protein and I wasn’t putting enough into my body, my strands abandoned me one by one.

Two years on and the final few inches of my thin hair have almost grown out – hence the big chop I’ve recently had, but there’s still a fine inch or two on the ends. I’m never letting my hair get to that state again, so I’ve found help in Help Hair Protein Shake. To read the complete article click here.

Former model, actor and singer Joanna has successfully used Scalp Micropigmentation to conceal a genetically inherited receding hair line.

The 35 year old mother of two young children says that two pregnancies made her hair loss even more pronounced. However, after two treatments of SMP at Medical Hair Restoration Australia, Joanna no longer needs to conceal her hair loss with baseball caps.

Nowadays, Joanna says she will only wear caps when she needs protection from the sun or wind. She also has the freedom to wear her hair in a greater variety of styles, whereas in the past she always had to wear it out and comb it in a special manner to try to conceal her lack of hair.

This has had a far more positive impact than I expected, Joanna says ” Being able to wear my hair in a variety of styles has also made me more confident in general”. I have had lots of compliments about my appearance lately. People can’t quite pinpoint why I am looking better.

I tend to dress differently as well these days because I can now wear a variety of hair styles.

Joanna F.

“Losing your hair is natural of course, but when handfuls are falling out daily it’s terrifying. Within the course of 3 months I had gone from long hair to spindly strands and nothing appeared to be working.

I felt ashamed, ugly and very alone. After extensive research online I came across Kate Dawes who’s knowledge and expertise reassured me.

Kate educated me first and advised me second, giving me the opportunity to make my own decisions.

Never once was I pressed upon to purchase anything, Kate was simply wonderful. I would recommend Kate…..she has the ability to see the big picture.”

Carena H.

“I met Kate Dawes during an extremely traumatic time in my life whilst suffering telogen effluvium. I was severely depressed, anxious and stressed out whilst undergoing this ordeal.

Right from our first meeting, I found Kate to be supportive and understanding. Her vast knowledge was a comfort as it was able to provide me the the vital information that I required at a time when I was desperate and when I felt that doctors could not provide me with any accurate information.

Kate liaised with me closely and always went above and beyond to provide me with invaluable advice, guidance and to obtain medical information from various sources to assist me.

I am incredibly grateful for Kate’s support and help during this turbulent time and I feel that without her knowledge, I would have felt even more lost and depressed.”

Angela T.