Feather Touch Eyebrows

Feather Touch Eyebrows

Want to know more about feather touch eyebrows? Let us fill in the gaps.

Eyebrows play a major role framing our face. Having the wrong shape, density or colour can drastically change your appearance, which is why more women are designing the brows they’ve always desired using a technique called feather touch eyebrows.

What is feather touch eyebrow micropigmentation?

Feather touch micropigmentation, or ‘semi-permanent make-up’ as it’s often referred to, is a specialised artistic procedure that uses a fine needle to brush delicate strokes of semi-permanent pigment under the top layer of skin.

This medically developed technique mimics the natural appearance of fine hairs, and has become an extremely popular choice in recent years to enhance the shape, colour and density of eyebrows.

What’s the difference between micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing?

Micropigmentation is a more refined procedure than cosmetic tattooing.

The pigment, needle and technique are different from the equipment a cosmetic tattooist would use. The pigment is applied with light hair-like strokes and isn’t inserted into the skin as deeply as tattoo ink.

This method gives you a more subtle finish than cosmetic tattooing and the ink will remain true to its colour, unlike some tattoo inks which turn blue or grey over time.


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Who can have feather touch eyebrows?

Anyone! Over recent years, both men and women, young and mature are discovering the multiple benefits of this modern technique. Our clients have chosen micropigmentation to:

• build natural looking thickness
• darken their brows
• sculpt a new shape
• recreate non-existent brows (popular for alopecia or post-cancer patients)
• save time and money from filling in their brows with cosmetics every day

Why choose MHRA?

Because your eyebrows play a key role in your overall appearance, we understand you may feel daunted by the thought of altering them. At MHRA, our friendly and highly skilled practitioners will work with you to make sure you’ll love your new look.

We start your journey towards better brows by designing a shape according to your desired look and face shape. Then we recommend the shades of pigment that will suit your colouring and skin tone.

Once you’re happy with the design and confident with the colour, we apply a topical anaesthetic cream to numb the area, and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Then it’s over to us to craft your perfect arch, heighten your colour and create lush density.

When your session is over, we’ll assess your result to determine if you need to come back for a perfecting session.

Feather touch eyebrows

How long will it last?

Depending on your sun exposure and skin type, a touch up is usually required every 2-3 years to keep the pigment looking fresh and at its best.

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