Medical Hair Restoration Australia (MHRA) provides information about proven hair loss solutions in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

We are committed to suggesting honest and personalised treatment services for men and women affected by hair loss.

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Medical hair restoration australia

MHRA is a dedicated hair loss clinic, specialising in hair restoration treatments using proven solutions. Our esteemed trichologist is committed to providing expert and customised treatment services to men and women affected by hair loss.

Kate Dawes (IAT) is a respected hair expert and trichologist, enabling us to tailor hair loss solutions in the most effective and timely manner. Her world-class expertise helps educate clients on how to prevent future hair loss, contributing to our holistic approach to customer care.

MHRA’s proven hair loss treatment solutions can include Scalp Micropigmentation, Hair Transplantation, nutritional supplements, or hair regrowth products.

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