What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Everything You Need to Know.

If you are dealing with hair loss, the treatment options can seem daunting. Many are invasive and can have unreliable results; hair transplants run the risk of looking unnatural and hair transplants can leave unwanted scars. Thankfully, there is another option that’s gaining popularity in the hair loss world.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive solution to hair loss that’s a great option for men and women. The process is similar to a tattoo and gives extremely natural looking results. Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP for short, is both non-invasive and non-surgical with minimal healing time. The results are long-lasting and generally only require touching up every 2-5 years depending on further hair loss. If SMP sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading to learn more.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that applies pigment to the epidermal layer of the scalp with a specialised needle. It adds density and replicates the appearance of closely shaven hair for those with hair loss. The result will make the scalp look as if it’s full of hair again. The SMP practitioner uses pointillism to create the effect.

Instead of actually adding additional hair, the pigment camouflages the surface on the scalp where hair loss has occurred. Your SMP artist will precisely match the pigment to your skin and hair to create the most natural and realistic look. This process creates a new hairline for the client and is gaining popularity worldwide.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Deciding to get SMP is an exciting step in your hair loss journey. So, how exactly does it work? You will probably have a lot of questions before letting someone tattoo your scalp. It’s important to understand that depending on where you are at with hair loss, SMP can deliver different results.

If you are completely bald, SMP will not give you the illusion of long, luscious locks. What it will do is give the natural and clean look of a short buzzcut. Similarly, for hair just beginning to thin or a receding hairline, SMP can restore the hairline and make it look fuller.

If you still have hair to grow, you can keep it long and use SMP to create a dense hairline. SMP can also be used to cover up scars on the scalp from hair transplants or other procedures.

The reason this hair loss treatment works so well is that the appearance of closely shaven hair is uncanny. Scalp Micropigmentation is performed by a trained and licensed professional using microneedles. The process is similar to that of a tattoo. The pigment will be matched to your skin and hair to look as natural as possible.

Before your first session, you will meet with an SMP artist to discuss your desired results. The best part of SMP is that it’s customisable and you can pick exactly how you’d like it to look. Your artist will work with you to find the best hairline for your face and restore your confidence as quickly as reasonably possible.

Who is SMP For?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a procedure for both men and women looking for a hair loss solution. You do not need to be completely bald to receive treatment, though it is ideal for those with pattern baldness. Scalp Micropigmentation is great for:

1. Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenetic Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is the prime reason people look into SMP. This type of baldness happens when enzyme type II 5-alpha reductase is mixed with testosterone to produce DHT. If this happens on the scalp, it results in male pattern baldness.

2. Cancer patients

If you have undergone radiation treatments or have general hair loss due to cancer, SMP can be an excellent non-invasive solution.

3. Alopecia

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that can cause your hair to fall out. Sometimes it can grow back but will continue to fall out. SMP is a way for those with alopecia to recreate the look of hair on their scalps and eyebrows.

4. People who have had hair transplants

If hair transplants have left you with scarring, SMP can be used to cover them up and give you a different hair loss solution.

5. Women with thinning hair

6. Anyone with receding hair looking for a fuller hairline

If you are experiencing any type of hair loss, Scalp Micropigmentation could be for you. Schedule a free initial consultation so a professional can give you their opinion and help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

Before choosing SMP, it’s important to determine if it’s right for you. Out of the many hair loss treatments out there, Scalp Micropigmentation has some of the best benefits. From being non-invasive to its quick healing time, there are many perks to choosing SMP.

It Can Cover Surgery Scars

If a client has scarring from hair transplants in the past, SMP can be used to cover the scars and other imperfections. Not only can it conceal the scars, but the process can also create a completely new look for the client.

SMP is Long-Term

Some hair loss treatments require multiple visits to the office for follow-ups. This can be costly and time-consuming. With Scalp Micropigmentation, clients can go up to three to five years without experiencing any real fading, and only need to come back if they want a touch up. It’s important to note that continued hair loss needs to be considered.

It’s Non-Invasive

One of the biggest benefits of SMP is that it’s non-invasive. For those who want to avoid surgical options, SMP is a quick and relatively painless procedure. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, it will be a similar experience, but on your scalp. The only thing entering your body is the pigment from the needles.

It’s Fast and So is the Healing Process

There is little to no real recovery time with Scalp Micropigmentation. Since it’s not invasive, you won’t have any broken skin or sutures to care for. Your scalp may have some irritation, but it will clear up in a couple of days. For follow up care, you will need to make sure your scalp is clean and cared for, like a tattoo. You will only be responsible for showing up for your sessions. Typically, it takes three to four sessions to get the optimum results.

It’s Safe

Of all hair loss treatments, Scalp Micropigmentation is the safest. No chemicals are used and it’s done with an electric tattoo needle. No incisions or surgical equipment is needed, and you’ll be in and out in a few hours.

It Looks Natural

When completed by a highly skilled artist using best practice techniques SMP will look natural right away. The hair tattoo process creates a seamless hairline and your hair will look fuller. The pigment will be matched to your existing hair and skin tone, giving clients the most natural looking hair loss solution.

Youthful Appearance

Hair loss is often associated with aging and those dealing with it may feel they look older than they are. This can cause low self-esteem and affect all facets of someone’s life. SMP can solve this problem and give clients a boost of confidence to feel young again.

Low Maintenance

After your treatment is complete and the area heals, SMP is low maintenance. If you take appropriate care of your scalp, you should be fine. You may want a touch up as pigmentation fades, but it can take years for that to happen and it’s based on your preference.

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation in Australia will vary based on location and provider. It will also depend on the size of the area that needs to be treated. Your hair loss pattern will be assessed during a consultation to determine how much needs to be covered. This will be used to decide the cost and how many sessions are required.

Typically, the bigger the area, the larger the cost. The smaller the area, the lower the cost. If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, the same rules apply. SMP requires pigmentation that is expensive, so the more needed for the procedure, the higher the cost.

Another factor used when determining the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation is how many sessions are going to be needed. Typically, treatments can be done in 2 to 4 sessions. If you decide you would like a touch up session, this will come with an additional cost.

One thing to note is that since this is a cosmetic procedure, you will not be able to get insurance to cover any of the costs. If you have concerns about cost, consult with your provider to see what options are available to you. Many facilities will offer payment plans.

Here are cost estimates for SMP treatments:

  • Mild Hair Loss/Scar Covering: $800-$1200
  • Medium Hair Loss: $1500-$2200
  • Advanced Hair Loss: $2500-3500

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we often receive about Scalp Micropigmentation that may help you make your decision.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

You will see the results almost immediately. Just like when you get a tattoo, the pigmentation will be visible as soon as it’s in your skin. In most cases, 3-4 sessions will be required before optimal results are achieved.

How Long Does it Last?

As long as you take care of it, SMP can last years but you may experience some fading. If so, contact your specialist for a touch up. Fading can occur for many reasons, including sun exposure, pre-existing sun damage and the immune system.

Does it Hurt?

Everyone feels pain differently. Most of our clients remark they feel irritation on the scalp in certain areas but it is certainly bearable. You will also have breaks through the course of the procedure.

Does SMP Actually Grow Your Hair?

The short answer is no, SMP will not grow your hair. It’s a procedure that will give the appearance of hair through pigmentation, but your follicles will not start to grow hair again.

How Long Will My Scalp Take to Heal?

After each session, you will have some local redness and irritation on the areas that have been treated. This redness can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. Your artist will go through the complete SMP aftercare information with you at the time of your procedure.


In summary, Scalp Micropigmentation can be a fantastic option for men and women looking for a hair loss solution. If you are completely bald, SMP can create a short buzzcut look with a quick, non-invasive procedure. If you only have sections of thinning hair, SMP can create the appearance of thicker/denser-looking hair. Recovery time is fast and the aftercare is very low maintenance.

This procedure is a fast and safe alternative to other hair loss treatments that can be costly and uncertain. SMP can even camouflage scars from previous hair transplants that a client may be unhappy with.

If you have further questions or would like to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with Foli Sim, contact us today about Scalp Micropigmentation to get started!