6 Styling Tips to Help Disguise Female Hair Loss

Hair is a vital part of our sense of identity and attractiveness, and losing hair can be devastating, especially for women. Female hair loss is often not discussed as much as men’s hair loss, almost as if it is a taboo subject. It is, however, relatively common in women at a range of ages.

While you are waiting for hair loss treatments to work, there are some styles that you can adopt to help conceal female hair loss. Sometimes it is as simple as trying a new approach, to make hair loss less distressing and more manageable, so that you can get on with living your life.

The degree to which your hair loss has progressed may influence what strategies will work for you. Here are some general hair care and styling ideas for those with low to moderate hair loss.

1. Choose short hair styles – if your hair is just starting to thin out, you can create the illusion of more volume by opting for a bob or pixie hairstyle. Short hair always looks thicker than long hair, and you can choose to either have layers or a blunt cut, depending on what approach might better suit your hair type and hair loss situation.

2. Go for some colour – If you want something edgy and cool, that also gives the illusion of thicker locks, try some hair colouring. A base semi-permanent colour will add shine, while adding a mixture of highlights and low-lights will give the illusion of depth. A gentle shampoo for coloured hair will also help the dye last longer.

3. Get inspiration from retro styles – When you have thinning hair, it is advisable to avoid pulling it back too tightly as this can further stress out the scalp while also highlighting balder patches in the hairline. 50’s hairstyles that involve a quiff can be easily recreated with the help of a couple of subtle hairpieces and do not cause so much strain on the remaining hair follicles.

4. Use products to cover up hair loss – There are a range of products available nowadays to hide hair loss. Hair mascara can be used to colour areas of fine light hair, while powders can camouflage bald areas of the scalp. Hair fibres are another way of covering areas of thinning hair.

5. Avoid stressing out your remaining hair – Hair damage is exacerbated by applying heat to it constantly to curl or straighten it. Pulling it back into tight styles such as buns or high ponytails also can create problems, putting too much strain on remaining hair.

6. Loosen it up – By styling your hair loosely you can create softness around the face while covering problem areas that usually form along the hairline. If you have wavy or curly hair, use dry shampoo to add volume and just scrunch the hair gently at the mid to end lengths to add texture to cover thinner areas.

Although it is upsetting to lose hair, steps can be taken to help minimise the impact on self-esteem and also to hide the visible effect of hair loss. Taking care of the hair that you do have is also vital to prevent further hair damage. If you’re still not sure what hair style might suit you, start the search for a hairdresser you can trust to help support you at every stage of your hair loss treatment journey.

If you’re worried about hair loss, book an appointment with MHRA to see one of our experts for an obligation free consultation. We can then give you a full diagnosis and start your journey towards a fuller head of hair.