What to Eat for Healthy Hair

Eating the right nutrients can improve the health, appearance and thickness of your hair, so it’s important to always stick to a healthy diet.


As protein is one of the major building blocks of our hair, it makes sense that we need to include this in our diet too. Lentils, beans and flaxseeds are all high in protein, as are eggs (which are also high in important B vitamins).

Vitamin A

Vitamin A promotes a healthy scalp, which leads to healthy hair. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots are all filled with this vitamin, as well as many other health-boosting nutrients, that can make your hair and body healthier.

Vitamin C

If you suffer from brittle hair, you need to encourage the growth of oils on your scalp that will ‘moisturise’ your hair. To increase this oil on your scalp, as well as collagen (which is good for both skin and hair) eat plenty of vitamin C rich food such as spinach, broccoli, oranges and kiwis.


One of the most important B vitamins is biotin. Although you can buy biotin supplements, our body produces this naturally and we can top it up with the right foods. As well as eggs, look to include peanuts and almonds in your diet.


Low levels of zinc can speed up hair loss so it’s important to keep your zinc intake high. Lentils again are a good food, while pumpkin seeds can also help.

For More Information

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