Hairdressers – Valued Partner for Helping those with Hair Loss

A hairdresser is often amongst the first line of professionals to hear of a client’s concerns about hair loss.

In recognition of this valued role in raising awareness, trichologist for Medical Hair Restoration Australia Kate Dawes will be on hand providing information on the causes of hair loss as well as demonstrations on clinically proven treatments at the June 2015 Sydney Hair Expo.

Award winning stylist and owner of Rockingham based Hype Hair Studio Lisa Polini says it is extremely valuable for hairdressers to be aware of relevant and proven treatments for hair loss.

“The availability of proven treatments and also permanent hair restoration is so vital, particularly for those who are emotionally affected by hair loss,” Lisa says.

“We look forward to supporting the Man Cave booth at Hair Expo where hairdressers can also sample taste tests of the clinically proven nutritional supplement for hair loss, the Help Hair Protein Shake.”

Lisa appeared on the main stage at the Hair Expo, showcasing the creative styling that earned her top honours in a competition ran by Artist Independent.

Lisa and her team also took part in a range of exhibitions and training sessions, including a presentation at the Expo launch pad stage with a team for Glam Palm.

Hype Hair Studio stylist Sarah Penno will be mentored by three of Australia’s top session stylists at the Gen Next Show.