Medical Hair Restoration Australia wishes to thanks you

We would like to thank our patients who have trusted the hair loss experts at Medical Hair Restoration Australia to advise on a hair restoration treatment that is right for them. Seeing the change in our patients when they regrow their hair and gain renewed confidence is extremely rewarding.

However, we also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the the many patients who send us cards, emails, gifts and flowers to thank us for our work.

While the notes of gratitude always bring a smile to out face, we were overwhelmed recently when a patient sent separate bunches of flowers and hand written cards to both Dr Jennifer Martinick, Dr Sara Kotai and our technicians to say thank you. Our patient even had a two metre tall teddy delivered with the flowers!

In protecting our valued patient’s privacy we cannot publicly say who he is, but of course you know who you are. We want you to know we were overjoyed by the surprise delivery. The beautiful flowers brightened up the whole clinic for weeks and the life sized teddy you sent continues to enjoy a prime position in the clinic. Thank you to all our valued patients.