Medical Hair Restoration supporting the hairdressing industry

Medical Hair Restoration’s support for the hairdressing show recently in Northbridge, Perth WA is part of its endeavours to partner with the hairdressing industry in raising awareness about hair loss.

The awareness campaign will see Martinick Hair Restoration in conjunction with Medical Hair Replacement Australia (MHRA) hosting a training program about helping people with hair loss for hairdressers at Hype Hair Studio in Rockingham WA.

MHRA trichologist and hair loss specialist Kate Dawes says hairdressers, who enjoy close relationships with their clients, represent an important front-line for people to discuss their concerns about hair loss. Kate says it is valuable for hairdressers to know of reputable and relevant sources of advice about causes and treatments of hair loss.

I was very interested in the nutritional, lifestyle and genetic factors that play a role in hair loss and this eventually led to qualifying as a trichologist. It’s great to be able to offer solutions to people who thought they may not have been able to do anything about their condition.

For those who wish to use permanent hair replacement I can refer them to a physician who has spent over 27 years developing and researching completely natural looking techniques.

Hype Hair Studio owner and hairdressing industry mentor Lisa Polini will showcase a series of six science fiction inspired hair creations at the show. Lisa, who is keen to raise awareness about hair loss issues, says an increasing number of clients are expressing concern about hair loss. She says most of the hairdressers she meets are unaware that specialist expertise is available through trained trichologists or physicians who specialise in hair loss treatments.

Some of my clients tell me they have asked their doctor about their hair loss and been told there’s not much they can do about it, Lisa says. This news is often devastating for them. When I tell people that a trichologist can advise them about the source of their hair loss and treatment they are extremely relieved.