Nutritional Hair Loss

Hair loss specialist and trichologist Kate Dawes from Medical Hair Restoration Australia says hair loss can be induced by illness, nutritional deficiencies and stress.

This type of hair loss is usually indicated by diffuse loss from the whole head, however hair lines can thin and androgenetic alopecia can be aggravated. Typically, excess shedding, lifeless, dull and flat hair can be symptoms of a nutritional deficiency.

There are many nutritional aspects to healthy hair growth. Essential nutrients for healthy hair include:

Protein For structural strength of hair fibre
Zinc- Enhances immune system which in turn encourages hair growth
Biotin- Deficiency contributes to hair loss
Vitamin B- Helps reduce the effect of stressors
Folate Helps reduce the effect of stressors
Niacin Improves circulation in the scalp
Manganese Essential for hair growth