Latest Hair Loss Solution

Trichologist Kate Dawes of Medical Hair Restoration Australia (MHRA) in Nedlands, Western Australia, reports rising demand from men and women for the treatment of Scalp Micropigmentation which creates the illusion of greater hair density.

Kate says the procedure involves applying micro organic pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin. The pigment appears as hair follicles, thereby creating the illusion of greater density of hair.

Matched to the patient’s existing hair colour and skin tone, the non-invasive procedure, which involves no down time or scarring, lasts up to five years.

Patients are delighted with the results achieved with SMP. They speak of regaining confidence because they now enjoy the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Medical Hair Restoration Australia only use the highest standard quality pigments available and procedures are completed at our modern, hygienic and sterilised clinic in Nedlands.

Former model, actor and singer Joanna Ferguson has successfully used the treatment to conceal a genetically inherited receding hair line.

The 35 year old mother of two young children says that two pregnancies made her hair loss even more pronounced.

However, after two treatments at Medical Hair Restoration, Joanna no longer needs to conceal her hair loss with baseball caps.

Nowadays, Joanna says she will only wear caps when she needs protection from the sun or wind.

She also has the freedom to wear her hair in a greater variety of styles, whereas in the past she always had to wear it out and comb it in a special manner to try to conceal her lack of hair.

This has had a far more positive impact than I expected, Joanna says.

Being able to wear my hair in a variety of styles has also made me more confident in general.

I have had lots of compliments about my appearance lately. People can’t quite pinpoint why I am looking better. I tend to dress differently as well these days because I can now wear a variety of hair styles.