Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Did you know women are affected from hair loss following pregnancy?

On average, a person can lose around 100 hairs a day. These losses are spread out so you don’t normally notice it (unless you have your hair tied up for a long time) but things change during pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers talk about how nice their hair looks during pregnancy. However, after the child has been born things change again.

With your hormones back to normal your head begins to catch up and not only do you go back to losing 100 hairs a day, you can lose all those you should have lost over the past nine months.

This means, generally around three to six months after the birth, you can start to lose more hair than you’ve ever done before. It can come out in clumps, which worries some people as they can see patches of their scalp.

The good news is that this is a common side-effect of pregnancy and happens to many women. Even better is that it’s a temporary thing and soon your hair will recover and go back to its normal rate of loss.

To minimise hair loss after pregnancy there are a few tips that can help. Eat well and be sure to keep up your levels of protein, iron and vitamin C.

Also, be gentle with your hair care routine and avoid overheating with hair dryers and straighteners.